Technology Planning

Technology Planning

The landscape of technology has changed drastically in the past ten years. Small to Mid-Sized businesses were able to easily manage their technology needs with an internal resource because there wasn’t a lot to consider. Today’s technology is much different now that everything is interconnected, mobile devices are being brought in and even your copier requires connectivity to desktops and servers. Nexxus Cloud spends every day looking at new products, services and how they all work together.

With innovation and connectivity being more affordable along with the everyday devices you use as a business being interconnected, it takes a team of technology specialists to really stay on top of the market and provide you with the best technology business plan. The days of computers and servers being the only real challenges for IT are gone. Today, you need to consider scanners, copiers, fax services, mail machines, mobile devices, servers, workstations and the list goes on. Even your alarm system and conference room have technology requirements that can easily be overlooked.

Technology Planning is a service Nexxus Cloud believes is the basis for a successful business so much that we offer it to all of our clients free of charge.

Nexxus Cloud’s team of technology passionate representatives are always looking into new technology and figuring out what works best with the systems that are in place along with future planning on what could be installed in years to come. Technology Planning is a service we provide to each client free of charge. We feel it is our responsibility to keep abreast of the offerings in the market and bring that knowledge to each client. Services like this are what sets us apart from the run-of-the-mill IT service provider.

Nexxus Cloud analyzes your data lines, phones, servers, workstations and anything else you have on-site and we find ways to integrate them together and make sure they don’t interfere with other systems on your network and with other technology appliances.

As a business decision maker, you don’t have the time to weed through all the what-ifs that are not answered when looking into upgrading current systems or looking into new products. We sit in on product sales meetings, talk with third part vendors to get the information needed to make a well informed decision on what needs to be done to complete the task. Sales people for products don’t know your network like your technology vendor does, how can they tell you for sure that what they are proposing won’t negatively affect your network? They can’t and that’s where we come in.

The technology landscape today requires that you take into consideration systems that in the past wouldn’t interfere with each other. Having a technology partner that helps guide you through decisions to ensure a successful installation is priceless, which is why we do not charge for such work.

New technology comes to market every day, whether it’s hardware, software or devices, they all need to interact in some way with your current systems. We make sure that they not only will fulfill the goals set forth by your needs but that they will interact in a positive manner with your current systems. We ensure you have enough bandwidth to add those systems, that they will easily install in your environment and that the overall cost of ownership of that product doesn’t extend past what it’s designed to do.

Nexxus Cloud, being a technology company, is installing new systems that may benefit other clients. If we run across a product or service that may help your company, we will tell you. You get to hear it from our staff how the install went, what it was supposed to do and how it finally went together. Having a partner that sees these new systems in practice gives you the benefit of insider knowledge without purchasing.


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