Superior Service

Nexxus Cloud's customer service is what sets us apart from the rest of our competition. Successful management of projects and daily technology needs start and end with good communication and understanding the needs of your employees.

Gone are the days of the "anti-social" IT person that would come in and just do a few repairs, maybe reboot a server and leave without uttering a word to you or your staff. Our experience and current client relationships have proven more often than not, issues arise and expectations don't match up when communication and relationships between both parties are not treated in a respectful and sincere manner. Nexxus Cloud encourages everyone inside of an organization to communicate with us not only when things aren't working but when they are so we can paint a picture of the overall health of your organization directly from the front line employees. Communicating with the users of your team allows us to know where to start looking to improve your technology and more importantly, what not to change because it's working right. Excellent customer service isn't just being polite, it's building positive relationships with everyone inside of your company.

Superior customer service, what you can expect from Nexxus Cloud, isn't something you can train, it's something that only a few people have. Nexxus Cloud will give you an advocate that will ensure other vendors are living up to their promises and keep your projects on track. We will bring in solutions architects to ensure your goals are planned for and worked toward in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. We will work to establish trust and open communication with everyone on your staff so issues are heard of before they become big problems and concerns are met with solutions that align with your expectations and requests. We do this on every visit, every phone call and every meeting.

Truly listening to someone has proven to solve the issue on the first visit more than any tool or part we possess.

Nexxus Cloud will take ownership of every project you choose to embark on, letting you focus on your daily tasks by managing the project and interacting with all involved parties so you don't have to. We communicate with you on your level, never talking down to you or making things more technical than they need to be. Technology is easily one of the biggest expenses for your business and we realize this which is why we take the extra time and effort to make you feel at ease in your decisions and educate you on all your options before you move forward.

Nexxus Cloud will provide you solutions to issues as we see them and we won't wait for you to come to us with issues. Research and planning will be done on all aspects of the issue and you will be presented with choices that range from low to high and each choice will have a clear and defined outcome that will quantify the end result you can expect and what you will gain with each choice. Projects will have clear and understandable phases, deadlines and deliverables that you can easily check for yourself. No one likes change and we understand that, so we work to make change less stressful by training, listening and empathizing with your employees, showing them that we will stand by them through the change and after which allows them to worry less about being able to do their job.

In short, Nexxus Cloud is a true technology partner and full service consulting firm capable of providing you with a level of personal support unlike you have ever experienced before. We pride ourselves by living up to this standard on every project and throughout the life of each solution and into the next.

Contact us so we can show you how technology consulting should be.