Traditional IT

Nexxus Cloud offers Server Maintenance and Server Upgrades, Workstation Maintenance and Workstation Upgrades, Network Maintenance, Firewall Support, Switch and Wireless Access Point Support, Virus and Malware Removal along with Fully Managed Services where we wrap everything up into a single monthly service plan.

Nexxus Cloud specializes in the Small to Mid-Sized Business IT market, so if your company fits into this arena, we can help you with all of your IT and Technology needs.

Fully Managed Services

Nexxus Cloud’s managed services takes over the daily maintenance of your IT infrastructure and delivers it to you in an easy to understand manner. We deliver these services according to your company’s needs and budget. By standardizing our management interface across all our customers, we are able to efficiently handle maintenance tasks driving the cost down for each client.

Traditional IT

Just because we specialize in working with new technology does not mean you have to wait to work with our company. Our staff has experience going all the way back to 1989. Not to brag but we have seen it all from the beginning. The personal computer renaissance of the late 80’s, the internet renaissance of the 90’s and the tech boom of the millennium, we have been there.

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