The Nexxus Foundation

Nexxus Cloud's solutions are all based on the principal of standardization or what we call the Nexxus Foundation. All of the core components we use are well known in the industry making it easy for our technology experts to work on so they can focus on what is different about your company.

No this isn't our charity group, the Nexxus Foundation is what sets us up to succeed and reduce your overall technology cost. In short the Nexxus Foundation is the core systems and software we base all of our solutions on. Industry known and well accepted hardware, software and best practices, meaning that any technology expert should be able to come in and within 15 minutes be able to navigate your core systems and resolve any issues with those systems. The Nexxus Foundation allows us to quickly source parts if something does break and is what makes our staff able to repair your issues quickly and correctly the first time.

Faster resolutions mean less money spent on maintenance and repairs. Our philosophy is not to bury you with fixing your current systems but freeing you up to move forward with new technology keeping you in front of the curve and not stuck with systems that are old and out dated. Streamlining our practices for core systems means we can train our staff better and they will be more familiar with all the nuances of these systems making them better at spotting issues. Standardization also allows us to react faster to issues that may affect our customer base and come up with solutions to avoid or repair these issues faster, so you have less down-time and your employees are happier.

The Nexxus Foundation has already proven to increase network resilience and retain the speed of the overall network at a higher level than our customers' previous technology vendors ever have in the past.

If you search your records you will see that the cost of ownership can be much higher than the installation of the origonal solution. Because of our standard practices and the Nexxus Foundation, we are able to drastically reduce this cost of ownership. Incorporating the cloud systems we have also adds a level of resilience to your network that was not affordable in the past.

It is this practice of standardization that allows us to give you the tailored solutions that you are looking for. Less of our time is spent on fixing and maintaining the core systems of your network thus freeing our technology experts to focus on systems, software and line of business applications that you need and benefit your employees. Because the Nexxus Foundation is based on industry standard and well known products and hardware means that it will work with almost anything you would want to use for your business and the cloud side of the Foundation brings a whole new level of connectivity and redundancy.

More often than not, most of your systems are either close to or able to be rolled into the Nexxus Foundation as they are today. If your systems are working well and don't need upgrading, we can bring your current setup into the Nexxus Foundation and wait until the right time to take you the rest of the way.

Contact us today so we can show you what the Nexxus Foundation is and how it can reduce your costs and increase your stability and security.