Fully Managed Services

Fully Managed Services

Every business has the same goal, to increase productivity and decrease costs. Technology should be something that gains you a competitive edge and increases productivity among your employees. Instead, most businesses are spending too much time and money just trying to keep what they currently have working properly. This is usually because there is a lack of proactive maintenance. Because of this, they are not able to move forward with new technology and they lose the competitive edge that technology brings.

Nexxus Cloud’s managed services takes over the daily maintenance of your IT infrastructure and delivers it to you in an easy to understand manner. We deliver these services according to your company’s needs and budget. By standardizing our management interface across all our customers, we are able to efficiently handle maintenance tasks driving the cost down for each client.

Managed services saves you money by planning similar maintenance tasks across multiple clients with similar hardware and software which increases the efficiency of delivery, driving the time to perform these tasks down.

We hear a lot of clients say they don’t like the term "managed services" mainly because they feel they have been misled or oversold in the past. Most IT companies “package” together plans that somewhat cover your network but don’t really cover everything. Nexxus Cloud’s managed services are clear and valuable tasks that every business will find value with. We don’t package things together, we offer all our services a-la-carte which allows you to get what you need and skip what you don’t.

Network Maintenance:

Keeping your network clean of viruses, malware and other items that slow down your connections and put your data at risk is high priority. Making network maintenance a proactive service instead of a reactive repair keeps your data safe and your employees working.

Remote Helpdesk Support:

Tier 1 helpdesk support being a part of your services means there is no extra fee for someone calling with a question. Most problems start small and grow. You save time and money by letting your employees call in their questions and your office manager can keep doing their job instead of answering IT related questions.

Disaster Recovery:

Making sure your company is protected against the unforeseen circumstances with backups and fail-over plans ensures your ability to get back to work fast.

System Analysis:

Nexxus Cloud looks over previous months’ worth of data to see trends in issues. Does a user need more training? Is a workstation costing you more money than the rest to keep it working? We look into all of your service records and find weak points that require attention.

Technology Planning:

You have access to technology experts to ask questions about new products or services, assist in budget planning and someone to bounce new ideas off of. It is like hiring a CIO for your company. Now you don’t need to rely on a sales person for help deciding what is better, you can ask your personal technology expert for advice and assistance.

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