First Post

Hello and welcome to the Nexxus Cloud blog. As some of you know, this site has been some time in the making. Mainly because those of us working on it are never satisfied with the current status of the site, but we also have had our share of changes, additions and tweaks that needed to happen to bring a finished product to you. However, today, May 13th, 2015 we feel really good about the website and where it is at and I would invite you to book mark this site for future visits.

Nexxus Cloud was started in January 2013 by Chris Lehmann and myself (Dan White). Our vision was to focus on what had made me successful in the industry leading up to this business. We want to use this site and blog to bring you information and new ideas as they come out as well as giving you helpful information to make your life easier or at least have a better understanding of the world of Information Technology.

We want to share information, ideas and new ways of doing things with this blog.

What I found is that empowering your client to be informed about decisions and to have the knowledge needed to feel comfortable they know the general scope of their business technology and where the IT Industry was heading is key to the overall success of the solutions and systems at their place of business.

We also felt that focusing on moving people ahead in technology rather than focusing on the current infrastructure was going to be more successful for both our clients and our company. The life cycle of technology is so short that if you remove a large amount of capital from future planning and put it toward break-fix of current systems, the client never moves ahead, feels stuck and doesn’t get any value for their investment.

Finally, we knew that being compassionate and empathetic toward our clients’ would show them that we feel as invested in their decisions and business technology as they are. Every job we do, every server we migrate, every solution we engineer has our name on it. We knew that taking responsibility, start to finish, would show good faith in our solutions and that we stand behind every decision we make. We’ve seen so many times where a vendor cannot resolve the issue and just throws their hands up and gives up, leaving the client stranded. Not only will we never do that to you with our solutions but we will support your business through transitions with other vendors as well.

All of those areas we focus on are to break away from the old “managed services” mold that has been re-packaged and sold to the Minnesota market by so many other technology vendors. Managed services are great, and we offer them as well, but we feel that should not be the focus of your offerings and your number one source of revenue as an IT Services Provider. Managed services should be there to make managing a client’s network simple by removing the daily decisions of “do you” or “should we” from their day to day life and just packaging up what we know is needed to keep a company running.

Since we started Nexxus Cloud, we have walked into many businesses around the Twin Cities area and have seen workstations, servers and network security appliances that were end of life (so old the manufacturer doesn’t even support them anymore). Servers ready to come un-glued at any time and applications that were so slow and clunky that it was more work to use the app than it would be to just do it on paper. We feel this is a result of companies spending a larger portion of their budget on current systems rather than moving ahead, which is a direct result of an over-sold managed services based business model.

We are passionate about technology and how it empowers our clients’ to be more competitive and efficient.

Our focus is to move people ahead. As we took on more clients and moved them into our model of moving forward vs break fix, service requests died down to almost nothing. We stopped getting calls about broken computers, slow servers and crashing applications. Some clients had so few issues that we call them just to make sure they were still around! It is an awesome feeling when you take a business that is having daily / weekly issues and move them into something that not only solves the break-fix issues but when they say “wow, I don’t know how we survived without this”. I am proud to say we get that a lot from clients.

We love technology, what it does, where it takes you and the challenge it presents. We love problem solving and taking on a project, and we love the fact that our clients benefit from our work. I’m proud to say that this company puts the clients’ needs above its own and everyone that is a part of our team has the same passion as we do. The group we work with goes above and beyond every day to ensure that our clients’ are successful and happy.

I’m happy I can handle a client the way I want instead of how management says I can. I’m proud of our company and all those involved with it. And finally, I’m grateful to have a business partner that shares the same vision and passion for the industry and our clients as I do.

So stick around for guides, tutorials, industry updates, product reviews, quick tips and general technology insight.

--Dan White