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Nexxus Cloud's Hands-On Approach builds positive, long-term relationships between your company and our staff which has shown to be one of the...

Nexxus Cloud’s technology experts have a wide range of backgrounds that go beyond the base network and server / workstation infrastructure role....

No this isn't our charity group, the Nexxus Foundation is what sets us up to succeed and reduce your overall technology cost.

Gone are the days of the "anti-social" IT person that would come in and just do a few repairs, maybe reboot a server and leave without uttering a...

Nexxus Cloud was started to address three main issues we see in the IT Services industry today;
Innovation, Compassion and Issue Resolution

Technology companies are slow to adopt new methods because it costs time and money to train, holding their clients behind, costing them more money in service and upgrade expenses over the lifetime of the solutions they provide.

Nexxus Cloud values education and training to keep our solutions on the forefront of technology.

Technology companies do not see what it is like from the clients' perspective and are inflexible with policy and billing. Instead of sharing the responsibility of the solution, bills are blindly sent for every minute worked on an issue even if it was a call-back or recurring issue.

Nexxus Cloud evaluates each invoice to ensure that your company is not over-billed for issues or break-fix work. We share the responsibility of the solutions we recommend to keep your company moving forward with technology not burying you with break-fix invoices.

Technology companies do not own the responsibility of the project or problem from start to finish no matter who is to blame. Pointing fingers at other vendors or software, leaving you to fend for yourself.

Nexxus Cloud assigns each project and service request to a single engineer to see through to completion, even if it is not our systems. We see the job to the end, every time.


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I’ve always been interested in the United States Armed Forces. I have never served however many of my...

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Server 2012 R2 Essentials Integration Error with Office 365 - Failed to activate password sync

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Hello and welcome to the Nexxus Cloud blog. As some of you know, this site has been some time in the...

I truly value all the support you and your team has given us and continue to give us :) 

Office Manager, Rupp & Associates

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